Following player meetings manager Sooty Cleal is delighted to announce that 6 members of last years squad have agreed to return to the causeway.

Skipper Ash Davies fellow defenders Luke Payne and Tristan Haswell will all be returning to the causeway – along with Goalkeeper Nick Jones, creative midfielder Lewis Spurrier and last seasons top scorer Zak drew will all be back at the Causeway for this coming season.

“Its great to get these boys back around again and to be honest it was an easy conversation, I’ve know Tash, Tris and Fogues for a couple of years now and Jonesy, Zak and LS (Lewis Spurrier) saw what we were trying to build last season and they will all play a big part in that”

“I am speaking to new players as well as those existing ones as we know what we were lacking last season at times so hopefully we can address that with the players we bring in – but that said the lads that were with us last year have now gained experience they didn’t have before so that will also put us in a better position – this time last year I had 3 players me and an assistant manager one of the players left! So we will be definitely more prepared for the coming season”

Sooty Cleal also confirmed that Will Morford will remain as his number 2, Paul Bright Physio and Rich Goodwin will continue as fitness / coach and of course Mr Cinderford, Phil Tomkins will continue as kit man.

Discussions will continue with the squad as well as some exciting new additions so keep an eye out for future announcements.


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