Cinderford Town has appointed a new Commercial manager in the shape of Paul Willetts, a born and bred Forester who will now be joining the club.

Paul spent most of his life in Whitecroft although born in Pillowell, although a life- long football enthusiast it’s worldwide motorsport circles he will be better known.

Chairman Stuart Tait said.

“Having known Paul for many years , I was made aware that he may be in interested in the vacancy, so when we met it was obvious from the start that he shared our vision at Cinderford Town . Paul’s history in this sector speaks for its self, he has so many new ideas to take the club forward which bolds well for the clubs future.”

After I had spoken with Chairman Stuart Tait about this commercial role, what struck me was his enthusiasm for the football club. I’ve spent a lot of time at the Causeway watching football over many years, now I would like to try and help the club progress.

The football club is 4 only steps away from the football league.

It’s not only about the 1st team, but the club also has a U18 & U16 side to develop youngsters through the system, as well as an array of junior teams. This gets our youngsters out in the fresh air playing sport, getting exercise and more importantly having fun, this club is very proactive.

When you look at other clubs in Cinderford Towns’ league they come from much bigger districts, with a greater catchment area for players. From a small town in Gloucestershire, the Football Club does the Forest proud. Cinderford Town has developed many good players through the years, many of which have gone on to play professionally, so it shows how the club can develop young local talent.

It’s also good to see Forest football thriving, our friends and near neighbours Lydney Town in the Hellenic Premier League, also Broadwell, Ruardean Hill, and now possibly Woolaston in the County league. It’s a great ladder for young footballers to use if they are ambitious to play the highest level they can. In all my years of traveling the world, there is no place like the Forest of Dean, where the sport is loved and played with such commitment and passion

My role is to try to secure the long-term future of the Cinderford Town Football Club for future generations, if we can achieve success along the way all the better.

I want to work closely with businesses and individuals, engage with the community to build long-lasting relationships for the benefit of both of us. We have a huge range of exciting sponsorship opportunities available to suit everyone’s budget, be it a business or an individual, all can be tailored to your liking… No such thing as we can’t do that.

Come and join me on the journey, be part of this new adventure … let me assure you that there are exciting times ahead for Cinderford Town Football Club and everyone can play their part in it. If I come to see you or you come to see me at the club, we’ll sit have a chat about all sorts over a cup of tea or coffee, have a haggle and a laugh, but one thing you can be sure at the end we will shake hands or bump fists as friends.

So please get in touch let’s talk 07746 355381 or